J U S T   B E   Y O U 


Have you ever walked into a room and spotted your exact outfit on somebody else? Avoiding all eye contact and standing on different sides of the room just hoping that no one will notice? We feel you - so have we! Finding somewhere to shop, which is not only unique, affordable and with pieces of beautiful quality is becoming more of a challenge than ever. So, we decided to create a place where all of that can exist because hey, why would you want to dress like everyone else anyway?

Launching as the first online retailer in Dubai to stock a majority of must-have, niche and affordable Australian/British brands. We carefully hand-select labels that radiate uniqueness and wearability, resulting in something special for the You. customer. Designed for the effortless, free-spirited, stylish girl in mind; we're bringing brands that have never been seen, sold or purchased before in the region. Some you may have heard of and some you may have not. But, we're positive you are going to love them just as much as we do! By curating a fresh selection of womenswear clothing, You. encourages women to create looks that radiate happiness, confidence and that are unquestionably theirs. 

A background in fashion design, luxury fashion PR, online fashion editorial and Fashion & Beauty Editor for one of the world's most renowned international online magazines, Chloe Grace Allan, Founder & Owner of You. has called Dubai home since 2004. 
Photography: Claire Stafford